System and Method for Ensuring Privacy in Online Document Sharing


The demand for increased security and privacy for digitally shared data continues to increase. This disclosed technology leverages multiple methods of receiver identification to ensure the digital data is only seen by the intended audience. This includes security access methods such as facial recognition, biometrics, and location identification through GPS, along with both audio identification and situational awareness of the receiver’s viewing environment. Through these methods, a sender can set the restrictions to a single person, team, or viewing area. This technology also recognizes additional threats to the privacy, such as known object identification, should another camera or device be set up to capture the viewing screen image. Once the receiver(s) and environment have been confirmed to meet sender set restrictions, the digital data can be viewed.

Patent Information:
Secure Systems
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Dana Vouglitois
Florida Atlantic University
Hari Kalva
Neha Kommireddy
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