Portable, Electrical Impedance-Based Blood Testing Device for Diagnosis and Monitoring Sickle Cell Disease


Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder that affects hemoglobin, which is vital for the transfer of oxygen to cells throughout the body. This innovation is a unique finger prick diagnosis and monitoring platform that allows for the quick, accurate, and inexpensive diagnosis of this disease. The device consists of multiple components including an impedance converter, signal converter, Bluetooth module, microfluidic chip, and microSD adapter connected to an Arduino UNO micro controller. A prototype of the device has been developed with initial proof-of-concept studies completed and compared to traditional analysis done by commercial diagnostic laboratories.  Additionally, the device can also measure severity of disease and provide longitudinal measurements for the monitoring of sickle cell-associated events.

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Dana Vouglitois
Florida Atlantic University
Sarah Du
Darryl Dieujuste
Jia Liu
Yuhao Qiang
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