Adaptive Driving Mode in Semi or Fully Autonomous Cars


In a recent survey, 55% of American drivers surveyed said they are not likely to consider a driverless car when they are available. These respondents stated they do not trust that an autonomous car could adapt to the variety of potential road conditions and hazards. An interactive system that would allow autonomous vehicles to co-drive vehicles with the operator while also learning the driving style and habits of the driver could help lessen concerns of drivers. This invention is an adaptive driving mode (ADM) that helps autonomous systems learn driving styles of the operator. The ADM is turned on or off by the driver and can function in learn or operate modes.  The ADM can mimic the driving style of each driver in semi or fully autonomous mode. By interacting with the driver, this will enable ADM to build trust with the driver through trial and familiarity resulting in self-driving the vehicle that imitates the driver’s style.

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Dana Vouglitois
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