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Hybrid Aerial/Underwater Robotic System for Scalable, Adaptable Maintenance of Aquaculture Fish Farms
Aquaculture is a robust method for food production, but the field faces challenges that compel innovation to ensure its sustainability. Currently there is a need for advanced monitoring and feeding technology to create more sustainable growth conditions. To make monitoring easier and more efficient, researchers at FAU developed a novel autonomous water...
Published: 6/18/2020   |   Inventor(s): Bing Ouyang, Paul Wills, Jason Hallstrom, Martin Riche, Tsung-Chow Su, Peter Reiff
Category(s): Aquaculture
Methods For Producing Cultured Pearls In Conch and Other Gastropods
Prior to the development of this technology, there was no method for culturing pearls in conch and other gastropods. This novel method overcomes the challenge of extracting the pearl without killing the conch, which was previously a daunting task because of the odd shape of the animal. Additionally, this unique process allows for a large number of pearls...
Published: 4/13/2021   |   Inventor(s): Megan Davis, Hector Acosta-Salmon
Keywords(s): conch, gastropods, HBOI, method, mollusk, nucleous, nucleus, pearl, production, queen conch, Rose Pearl, secretion, technique
Category(s): Aquaculture
System and Methods for Larval Fish Enumeration and Growth Monitoring
Current methods of enumeration and growth monitoring for larval fish are manual, which require significant resources and suffer from inaccuracy. This new tool allows for reliable enumeration and continuous growth monitoring in a non-intrusive manner. The system is comprised of an image capture front end, which utilizes a light field rendering camera...
Published: 4/14/2021   |   Inventor(s): Paul Wills, Fraser Dalgleish, Anni Dalgleish, Bing Ouyang
Category(s): Aquaculture
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