Artificial Leaf


The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere continues to increase despite attempts to curb these emissions. However, nature has already perfected the process of photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Therefore, there exists a need for an efficient, cost effective device to mimic the process of photosynthesis and reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide. Researchers at FAU have developed a biologically-based artificial leaf that can easily convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. The device employs an aqueous solution of sodium alginate, cyanobacteria, and a cell culturing bioreagent.  After the solution is developed, it is then gelled at specific temperatures using calcium chloride to develop the artificial leaf device. The utilized cyanobacteria is photosynthesizing in nature and thereby allows the device to initiate photosynthesis.

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Dana Vouglitois
Florida Atlantic University
Vithulan Suthakaran
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