Alternating Angle Controlled Wavelength Lighting System to Stimulate Feeding in Larval Fish


Raising marine fish on a commercial scale is difficult due to a variety of issues. One of which is the feeding of newly hatched fish fry in captivity due to either rejection of feeding or inadequate diet. This technology is an LED lighting system designed to illuminate dry pellet food in the water to mimic moving live food for newly hatched fish fry. Both visual recognition of food and the UV spectrum play a role in how fish fry detects prey items. By illuminating the dry food, the fry can identify a food source more easily by exaggerating the contrast between the food and the background. Currently, there are no other technologies that attempt to mimic live prey through oscillation.


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Dana Vouglitois
Florida Atlantic University
Paul Wills
Martin Riche
Bing Ouyang
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